In Search of Love

Like a frail leaf blown by the Harmattans of the west,
Is my heart in your absence,
 growing fonder and fonder in love,
My eyes doesn’t notice anything else,
But to see your violin-shaped figure appear

Tear drops of love exude from my glaring eyes,
As I enjoy the redolent of your perfume in my khaki shirt,
And long to see you appear,
Witness your face radiate as the midnight sun,
As I empty my love for you into your heart.

love 3

Let’s begin our long awaited journey,
To the island of your choice in yonder,
From where to ground our love to blossom and flourish forever,
Capture our maneuvering figures, printed on the hungry sea-shore sand,
A dream coming to pass.

On the cliff and the deep seas,
Shall we run after one another, hide from each other,
Celebrating the unending bond formed,
While the winds whispered their wishes of gratitude,
Affirming to the vows made, to love forever.

Categories Relationship and Marriage

4 thoughts on “In Search of Love

  1. people are in love?

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  2. really thrilling. keep up.

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  3. leah wanjiku Gathoni October 18, 2015 — 9:31 AM

    nyc 1

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  4. Thanks friends for complements. Comments are in order.

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