People who lack the clarity, courage or determination to follow their dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. Live your truth and don’t ever stop.

In learning to heed the call of your life, sometimes you will not take the right path. Never ignore the probability of jumping too soon and ultimately failing to appreciate the consequences. It all start from a point of recognition of oneself and pursuing the future of your dream.

Thinking about the modern society, you may end up flipping off your track and never get a chance to retrace the original intent. I have always thought of the different approaches that we take, probably, we want to be recognized, outdo each other or even leave a mark in your history. This has been done over and over again and we always read historical lives of them who excelled in their time. But we cannot run away from traditions of the very same history that defined their character. While they scaled to greater heights, their fellow in the same regime were struggling in despair, heartbreak and life undefined. History still repeats itself and we cannot be safe either.

Take sometimes and stroll down your busy street in your sober mind. Look at the general characteristics of the people around you. My friend once told me that looking at their faces, you may end up devaluing yourself. Sometimes thinking that you could be the cause of their predicaments. Reading from faces, you can see a defeated generation, some haunted with the spirit of unfulfilled promises, broken marriages, unsettled bills, fear of unknown while others living under the evil seed of bloodshed. If you are so daring to step on a toe of any one of them, hell breaks loose spitting out the venom of vengeance. Why this?

Life is not a game theory where the second mover takes into consideration the outcomes of the first mover, life is not competition, forget about leaving behind a mark. You may also be a victim of the most negative history ever made. It’s all about leaving what feels secure behind and following the beckoning of your life. You can fail, but you have an everlasting payoff.

This is all about feeding your inner man. Nourishing the soul with its right food. Forget about the monuments build in honour of others, the institutions named after them and the command they have over the world. Yours is a different story with a unique way to be unfolded. Embrace that which your conscience tells you to and reap the best from it. Afford a smile and forgot yesterdays failure while going to the streets.

If your faith doesn’t move the mountain, get to climbing.


6 thoughts on “Solid Food For a Man’s Soul

  1. Muiruri John

    Sir you have touch one of the most important areas of a human existence that needs clear yet informed decision. To make a difference not by how others do it but by the way you do it. Expressing it in your own unique way since every human is a master piece of a unique kind. You are never a replica of someone else. Failure to learn this, will push to the famous rat race that will make you so worn out making zero progress. We need to discover the potential within us and realize how wealthy we can be by selling out our potential. It’s not too late. You can make it.

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