The Love of Christ

Jesus pouring out of overabundance of His blood for the forgiveness of our sins and our release from God’s wrath is foreshadowed by His saving party at Cana of Galilee. His forgiveness is not only overflowing but of the highest quality: free and everlasting.

Consider this cases, the servant had to carry the water to the master of the banquet and they alone(servants) knew how the water turned to wine. The servant had to get a VIP seat to Jesus’ first miracle.If that water had not turned to wine before the master of the banquet took it, that servant would have probably been bitten or fired. But something led the servant to believe in Jesus’ power.

cana of galilee

In His mission to reach more souls, Jesus will call us to play specific roles that no one else can play-scary, nerve-racking roles with much on the line to offer. But it is not an invitation to something crazy; its also an invitation to witness an incredible miracle. Bold servants are needed in the world-servants who will carry the gospel of Jesus in the same way the servant carried the water that turned into wine


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