Where is Gate 7?-an Encounter with an Air Hostess

“Head straight towards gate 7”, said the lady behind the counter as she cleared my boarding pass. I waited for my colleague, Aggie,  to be cleared. After her clearance, we were already heading to gate 7. Sure that all was sorted. But time was running fast. It was 4 min before our departure time.

We had barely walked for at 50m, when we were  welcomed by a group of security officers. “What the hell?” I said to myself. I had to remove my shoes again, empty my pockets and remove my belt too. Time was running fast. But  we couldn’t be allowed in before the security check. I felt wasted. After all I am an innocuous guy. I had to go through this anyway.

After the security  check, we were  now heading to gate 7. The corridor was unending but we were sure that we were not lost. We later found ourselves in an open hall. It was then 2min away to our designated departure time. We took the route that seemed promising.

“The flight to Khartoum will be leaving in the next seven minutes”, an announcement went forth. We looked at each other in disbelieve. “The passengers are therefore required to be boarding by now“, the announcement continued. “But our destination is Amsterdam”, intervened Aggie. We were standing at gate 26 instead of gate 7. We had even forgotten we had been directed to gate 7.


We had to recalculate our way. We walked back to the intersection of the long corridor. It was by then our departure time. I was cursing the whole idea of ever going for the fifteen minutes break to have a moment with my parents and friends.

How I wished I could fly and find myself seated in the already departing plane. I don’t even know how long I had walked when I heard a cool voice from a lady, “Nyinyi Francis na Agnes ndio mnatafutwa kila mahali?” I gained sobriety. The loudspeakers were already shouting out our names.”Just walk straight towards that door”, continued the lady. She was smiling and her  confidence showed that she knew us or else we looked confused.

I looked back to utter something to Agnes.  To my surprise, she was about 20m behind me. I could not tell how, where and when I left her, but I knew why. I was by then at the door in a hurry to get in when someone stopped me. “Where is your boarding pass?” she asked. I had it held firm in my hand. I handed it over to her. She scanned the details and let me in. I was by then sure that the flight had been rescheduled to fit our program, but how right was I? It had not left for whichever reason it was.

Aggie was also cleared. We followed each other as  we were warmly welcomed into the plane. Huge than what I ever expected. A house indeed. The passengers were seated safe for us two. We were directed to our seats  and there we were. Ready to jet off.


“We will be taking off shortly. Everyone  should ensure that all your luggage are well kept and fasten your safety belts. In case you have any problem feel free to ask any of the cabin crew next to you”, an announcement came forth.

It was made by a tall, well sculpted, decently dressed and beautiful lady from Netherlands. Her eyes were inviting. I couldn’t help beholding her. I dropped a novel that I thought would  keep me busy throughout the  eight and a half flight. My eyes were by then glued towards her. My body was reacting for the  obvious reason. I had not seen such before. What a lady she was.

I must admit I had not seen such a beautiful  lady figure before  me neither have seen any other after her but I hope to when its my right time. My head was by then turning. I  didn’t even realize that we were already taking off.

I had to ensure that she drew closer to me.  But I didn’t have a problem worth her intervention.

After a short while, we were jetting off. I shifted my attention to the new experience. It was my first flight ever. I had to take note of every detail to retell more so to my brother Xi Mocklem. I still will do it. Off we were disappearing. Leaving  +254 to a far away country.

……………….to be continued

To read the episode before, open the link below.




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