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My weekend; Grace, more grace and living like we mean it

While listening to Hillsong’s Album, This is our God, I was right away reminded of the bashful and disgraceful stories written ten years ago on the controversy behind Michael Guglielmucci. For those who do not know Michael, he is the writer of the song Healer in the album, an emotional lyrics and among my best.


For one I am reminded that it’s only God who can deal with our hearts in the best way possible. We are imperfect, God’s work in progress. Yes! In fact the church is not for the perfect but a place for perfecting. It’s by the grace of God that we are saved through Christ.
We may not be told where Michael is right now but I agree with the opinion of one writer, Ryan who wrote that;

Man is fickle. We are all fakers. The most seemingly honest, tell-it-like-it-is person is still putting on a show. We all give in to the illusion of this world and constantly struggle living and deciphering between what is real and what is worldly. This tension is the nature of Christian life. Don’t fool yourself you are immune to this problem. Humble yourself like Mike, and fess up. He is in the best place of his life right now, broken, despised by many, loved by God and closer to Him than ever before. Are you? –Ryan Flanigan Continue reading


Twists and Turns

When Jude met Lisa, it was love at first sight. Theirs was a match made in heaven. Jude had just secured a job with a weekly magazine immediately he graduated from college. An apt and avid lad, Jude was soon to head a sister bulletin the company initiated. It was here he met Lisa. A thousand assorted jewels rolled into one. Their escapades began and it was all pomp and glamour for the duo in love.

It was sparkling lights when the two drowned in each other’s love. Every day broke in new colors, brilliant and fascinating. They delighted in each other bathing the illumination of their affection, the multiformity of Elysian bliss. This emotion occupied them, gave them a new leash of life, a direction, a thing to live for.

Their colorful wedding was in summer. It was a generous procession; the hallmark of two in love. It went down smooth, glad and gay. It was a ceremony to behold, one they would forever cherish. They were young and eager to live their love as a single soul, hearts beating as one. One imbedded in the other. The gloom of life was hovering above them, and they were not to escape unscathed.

In their first year of marriage, everyone envied them. Their affection was breathtaking, the charms of their incomparable love glowing in blinding flames. Continually, and their love grew a thousand fold each day. They got used to each other, fascinate and inspire, and soon Lisa was heavy with child.

The birth of Jayden was received in merriment, especially after a tense feel owing to labor complications that nearly killed Lisa. Jayden was all the family was waiting for, an ideal icing on their fiery love. He was adored. The baby however showed inconsistent reflexes, posture and balance. The doctor confirmed their fears, Jayden had cerebral palsy. Lisa had to bear the blunt of life and could no longer manage her job. She eventually resigned to tend her beautiful boy. Jayden had partial paralysis and his condition seemed to escalate by the day.

When little Jayden attained school-going age, it was different for him. He was to be schooled at home. Lisa just would not let him go. She now portrayed heartache in her demeanor but professed love and more affection for Jayden. Her baby boy would hardly walk, his voice was retarred and slurry. He got along slowly though he virtually missed most. Lisa wouldn’t enroll him into a special school. She would rather be with him. He grew slowly but nothing quite changed.

Lisa was in and out of hospital for Jayden’s endless bouts of sickness. The once joyful existence was fazed by a dark cloud. It weighed down the family, crippled their fanfare and outings. Their finances were also strained with Jude having to work at odd hours.
The pretty woman wheeling a sickly boy became Lisa. Her life changed from bad to vile. She was persuaded to hold on. Jude encouraged her on.

Poor Jayden lived to the age of eight. He did not see it through surgery. That same evening, Lisa was admitted to hospital. Devastated, she had tried to take her own life.