Book Review: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

The gripping page turner, The Lucky one, is Nicholas Sparks’ romance novel with a collision between love, happiness and tragedy. Nicholas achieves in putting different episodes of romance and tragedy but still leaving his readers engaged throughout the read and feeling as if they were part of the events.


In his third peace keeping tour to Iraq, US marine Logan Thibault comes across a picture of a beautiful smiling woman half buried in the sand. His first thought is to toss it off but he instead pin it on a board convinced that the one who lost it would soon claim it.

Weeks later, the photograph is still unclaimed and he decide to pick it and put it in his pocket.  Throughout his operation in Iraq, Thibault has unusual win in poker game than he has ever had before and survived several terror attacks in which his close friends perish. Only one of his friends, Victor, survives. Thibault shares with victor about the photograph which Victor explains to him to be his lucky charm and that he owes the woman in the picture.

Both Victor and Thibault move back to the US and resign from the marine.

Back home in Colorado, Thibault will not find peace and embarks on a mission to search for the woman in the photograph. He walks all the way from Colorado to Hampton with his German shepherd dog, Zeus and arrives in Hampton only to meet his lucky charm is Beth Clayton, a divorced young woman with a young son, Ben.

Beth soon gets attracted to Thibault and learns that the most ordinally things could be made extraordinally by simply doing them with the right people. She enjoys a relationship that she had never experienced before as their bonds continued to grow.

Thibault will later learn that Keith Clayton, the divorced husband to Beth is a sheriff who he had a rather dangerous encounter in his walk from Colorado to Hampton and who he holds sensitive secrets. Clayton seems disturbed by the fact that both Beth and Thibault are getting along well and that Thibault continues to frustrate him.

The secret of the photograph that Thibault continues to keep to himself will soon threaten to tear them apart and endangering their lives.

Clayton does not survive the whole ordeal and Thibault will later be the Lucky one as Victor would tell him. It’s a book you will not help but keep glued to it as you turn the pages.


Nicholas Sparks is a fiction and romance writer whose all books are among the New York bestseller. Some of his other books include, The Notebook, Dear John, A walk to Remember, Message in a Bottle, A Night in Rodanthe, See Me, The Best of Me, At First Sight, The Longest Ride, The Guardian, True Believer, The Choice, Three Weeks with my Brother, The Last Song among others not to forget his latest novel, Two by Two.

His books can have also been acted as movies and continue to hit major screens in theatres.

NB: Never judge a book by its movie though!

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